Project Description

Artist Profile

Isabelle Kawai Vincent

Isabelle Kawai Vincent is a second generation Japanese Australia, born in central Victoria. She has been making art ever since a pencil was place in her hand, hence, art is her first language.

Her first award was an Youth Drawing Competition in 1981, and since then she has acquired several art awards and has exhibited in Australia, Japan, Italy and Spain.

In 2017 Isabelle relocated to Japan which was a life changing experience, especially in her art. Prior to living in Japan, Isabelle’s art materials and techniques were predominately Western, such as oil and acrylic painting, relief printing, photography and mix-medium, but now she her dominate chosen medium is Sumi-e Ink. Using her skills acquired from studying Japanese calligraphy, traditional and contemporary Sumi-e painting, she often fuses her Western influences to create a unique style. In addition, Isabelle has learnt the art of live painting performances and collaborates with musicians to create a more powerful artistic expression.

Isabelle utilises the human body, folk and mythical stories including creatures to express the complexities of the human character, emotions, and philosophies. The essence of Japanese art is that is depict the feeling, energy or moods, and people are full of contradictions, contrasting emotions, therefore and infinite source of inspiration. This can be expressed through symbolism, Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) and Kodaimoji (Ancient Kanji characters) and a fusion of Western and Japanese art styles and techniques.

Isabelle is a driven artist and committed to her artistic journey to constantly evolve and develop her art. Who knows what artistic adventure awaits.